The Tinkuna hostel, which means meeting in Quechua, houses 10 twin, double, triple and quadruple rooms of salt. It has a capacity of approximately 25 people and the hostel has a restaurant area where delicious breakfasts and dinners are offered.

Superior room
56 us$
per night
from 1 to 2 persons

The best room of the Tinkuna hostel can be shared as a couple or for independent travelers who are looking for a restful rest. Breakfast included.

Basic room
7 us$
per person

Double, triple and quadruple rooms to enjoy your stay with other travelers of the world. Includes shared bathroom.

Standard room
17 us$
per person

Double rooms with private bathroom, an option for couples visiting the Salar de Uyuni.

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Severino López
(+591) 68332391
Kachi Bolivia