The tourist growth in the destination "Salar de Uyuni and Lagunas de Colores" has generated in recent years a multiplier effect in various areas creating indirect and direct sources of employment, new ventures want to dedicate themselves to the tourist service, as it has become an alternative of income for the improvement of living conditions; In the case of KACHI, two of the thirteen partners offer a wide range of local and national supplies for the community and for tourists who visit the area and want to know more about these products.
Among them is the store "Tinkurina" which means "find us" in Quechua, is located in the town of Puerto Chuvica, is a stocked store, where you will find various products such as: Craft beers of Quinoa and Coca, variety of wines and singanis, bread, sweets and candies, personal hygiene accessories, souvenirs of the place among others.
On the other hand is the store "Estrella del Norte" that like Tinkurina is a stocked store, however offers among its services food to order in its small restaurant, is located in the municipality of Colcha K in the main square of Colcha K.
Come and know the way of life of the Kachi entrepreneurs.