Kachi offers in all the lodging centers, restaurants whose capacity of attention reaches 20 guests on average, offers the services of breakfasts, dinners, box lunch for route and lunches with the use of local inputs (llama and quinoa meat) real), in addition to cold and hot drinks of the region.
We also offer activities out of the ordinary in the Salar de Uyuni and surroundings, in order to be more connected with the entrepreneurs and know the culture and traditions of the place. We show you below what you can do with Kachi:



Come and enjoy a night of mummies and chulpas in the Tanil Vinto museum, if you spend the night in the hostel "Don Carlos" or you are close to the community of Puerto Chuvica, ask about this activity.
The tanil vinto museum is a cave that presents in its wide spaces rocky white formations that are believed to be petrified seaweed. This cave does not have scientific studies, thus making it difficult to assess and disseminate it. The museum presents very old pieces of tableware, textiles and chulpas found by the inhabitants, believing that they are of Tiwanakota origin. The activity includes a guide that will take you walking under the stars and by candlelight to the museum. Come and enjoy this experience for only 15 bolivianos per pax.

The extraction of salt is an ancient practice, it was always a fundamental resource in the economy of the villages, it is for this reason that we invite you to enjoy this activity.
The salt flat has an approximate depth of 120 meters. The traditional form of extraction is of manual way, the salt shaker removes the layers of salt in the form of adobe, with dimensions between 25 x 40 cm and with a thickness of 10 to 12 cm, with the help of a shovel and ax. This activity is no longer commonly used by native villagers, moreover, only older adults know this form of extraction.
Every year the salt returns to "renew" with the arrival of the rains between the months of January to March, reason why the waters evaporate in weeks and they return to form new saline layers, with the help of the sun and the wind.
The activity includes the extraction of the salt through a native worker of the salar and all the explanation that this activity entails, is developed in the community of Villa Candelaria on the banks of the Salar. The cost of this activity is 30 bolivianos per pax and lasts approximately 60 minutes.