The hostel "Don Carlos" located in the town of Puerto Chuvica - Tanil Vinto and only 20 minutes from the Salar, offers shared rooms for adventurers traveling alone, in the company of friends or a couple. It has a capacity of 12 double and matrimonial rooms, in addition to having a capacity of more than 20 people in its salt room.

Standard room
23 us$
per night
from 1 to 2 persons

The best room of the Don Carlos hostel can be shared as a couple or for independent travelers who are looking for a good night's rest. Includes breakfast and shared bathroom.

Basic room
7 us$
per person
up to 2 persons

Double rooms to enjoy your stay with other travelers of the world. Includes shared bathroom.

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Contact information
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Carlos Quispe Barco
(+591) 67626066
Kachi Bolivia