Kachi invites you to get to know the textile products of handicraft design in alpaca, alpandina and sheep wool from the new textile entrepreneur associations of the Lípez which are: CIPAET "Centro Integral Productivo Artesanal Eco Turìstico 30 de Agosto" and AMERIG Women's Association entrepreneurs of Rio Grande, the various garments are exhibited inside the hostels "Samarikuna" in Villa Candelaria and "La Ñusta" in Aguaquiza, they also offer innovative products in quinoa crafts, thanks to the innovation of enterprising women of CEPROART. The main characteristic of their crafts is that they are made with quinoa grains and local natural materials.

In general you can see all kinds of garments and accessories such as: hats, leggings, gloves, ponchos, scarves, handles in tissues and quinoa, keyrings in quinoa and cleaning set based on quinoa. These designs have a syncretism between art, tradition, craftsmanship and the latest trend in fashion.